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grey color crossspacer image If you live in Gloucester or Cheltenham or other nearby parts of the County and are suffering pain and illness we would like to meet up and pray with you for healing by God's power. We are Christians, but Jesus is the one who is able to heal. We are nothing without Him.

We have all heard of the size of the NHS waiting lists - years before you get treatment now in many cases!

if you are in pain, including chronic pain, why not try Dr Jesus? What do you have to lose? And it's completely free of charge!


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small square imageA young woman in Cheltenham received healing freedom in a painful back.

small square imageA man received healing in his foot after a 10 second prayer.

small square imageAn elderly woman with back issues found her back was much straighter after a two minute session. Months later she is still enjoying the new freedom in her back.

small square imageA young person with curvature of the spine and hearing loss in one ear was prayed for on several occasions over a two week period. Soon afterwards he attended for follow-up hospital tests. The doctors advised that his spine was now straight and his hearing had improved by 75%.

small square imageAn elderly man was able to move his foot without pain after a few minutes

small square imageAn older woman was able to cross her legs after ministry, which she had been unable to do for the past three months.

small square image A Jewish man was healed by Jesus the Messiah who took away severe pain in his side after a 20 second prayer.

small square image A man had suffered chest pains for 5 years and the doctors didn't know the cause or the cure. After less than 10 minutes with us he left pain free - thankful and amazed!

small square image We prayed for a woman with both shoulder and knee pain and pain left both areas.

small square image A man's lumbago was prayed for and afterwards he felt improvement.

small square image A woman's shoulder stiffness became looser and she felt more peaceful.

small square image A local young man came with back pain and it disappeared after prayer.

small square image A woman suffering from severe, debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was able to walk upstairs normally. The following week she was able to leave the house after a further prayer session.

small square image After one hands-on session a lady said:"I felt absolute joy and peace as the spirit of Our Lord came over me. It is such a wonderful experience I could have sat there forever. I have felt amazing ever since."

small square imageA man in Poland received healing from injuries to his back and neck after a few Zoom sessions via the Internet

one man praying for another