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Our Healing Outreach Team came out of an earlier group called "Healing On The Streets" which used to minister healing in Eastgate Street Gloucester on a Saturday morning for around 10 years until Covid-19 struck and we had to suspend activities

Now that Covid is no longer the serious pandemic it once was, we have reformed as the Healing Outreach Team.

Whereas in the past we ministered from a static city location outisde the old British Home Stores building in Gloucester, we are now mobile and are able to minister within Gloucester, Cheltenham and the surrounding area, within our capabilities.

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small square imageHEALING OF THE BODY

We primarily focus on healing of the body and offer prayer and the laying on of hands as part of our Christian approach to ministry. We also offer anointing with oil if you find that approach helpful.

small square imageLOVE, COMPASSION AND PEACE

We acknowledge that many people are hurting, feel broken and lost.

As Christians we offer hope for both the present and the future. That is because we believe that God is a God who cares for those He has made and seeks to restore them to wholeness.

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