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Cheltenham team see many healings in Kenya

TWO QUOTES FROM http://alanscott.posterous.com/among-the-people-0

"When the church turns its face outward, it becomes irresistible to the Spirit of God. Indeed God gave His Spirit for this very purpose that HIS church in its fullness would collide with people in their brokenness and demonstrate the Divine goodness. He gave his Spirit to the church for the world, that they might see and know Christ. Acts 1:8 makes it clear that the outpouring of the Spirit increases on the life that is outstretched towards the outsider."

"One outstanding/significant moment was praying for a chemically dependent young man who had a hole in his leg. Understandably, he was gravely concerned and as usual the team began to pray. Nothing happened. We prayed again - nothing happened. We tried every prayer imaginable and still nothing. Then Ricky our missionís pastor took hold of the young manís feet and began washing them. As he did, the young man began indicating that the pain was gone and his leg was healed. It was another confirmation of our growing conviction that God is at work in the world sovereignly showing up in the lives of desperately broken people and calling them to Himself."

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