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1 - S ďI have been feeling marvellous ever since your team prayed for me again. I find I am doing more and more without the oxygen. I went to church on Sunday and didnít need my oxygen all through the service. I even went up for communion without it ! I have been filled with joy ever since. Please convey my utmost thanks to your team, I canít thank them enough for what they do. They are all so amazing and a gift to the sick and disabled people of Gloucester.Ē

2 - Y asked for prayer for strength. Afterwards she said she felt very happy and strong.

3 - M had pain in his right knee. After prayer, he tested it and it felt better.

4 - E asked for prayer and experienced peace afterwards.

5 - V had several physical problems and each was partially healed after prayer.

6 - J had improvement to her vision and a feeling of lightness after prayer.

7 - M asked for prayer for pain in her neck, face and hand. Neck was much improved after prayer and other pain was lessened.

8 - J had less shoulder pain after we prayed for her.

9 - P's knee pain left after prayer.

10 - P told us he is addicted to drugs. We prayed for him and he experienced peace.

11 - R asked for prayer for back and neck problems. After prayer she felt peaceful and could move her neck more freely.

12 - E asked for prayer for his ankle and knees. He felt warmth and an easing of the discomfort.

13 - M recently had a hernia operation and was in pain. After prayer he said the pain was less noticeable.

14 - K had a tight chest. After being prayed for, she felt her breathing to be easier. She also said it was the most peaceful she's felt in a long time.

15 - R acknowledged the love and peace around us and said he would think again about Jesus.

16 - P felt the presence of God as we prayed for him.

17 - M suffered from knee pain and after prayer she indicated the pain had gone. She went away happy and smiling!

18 - We prayed for peace for F who had recently lost her husband.

19 - P was set free from oppression she had been suffering from for some time.

20 - J was prayed for and her shortened leg, causing back problems, grew out to be the same length as the other.


"You met my husband with a group of church leaders a couple of years ago (27 months ago) to talk about Healing on the Streets. At the end of that meeting you prayed for my husband for healing for both of us as we had been trying for a baby for about 5 years. Iím pleased to say that we became pregnant that week and now have an amazing 18 month old girl called Hope. We calculated that she was born exactly 40 weeks from the day you prayed for us. Our testimony is that God healed us and she is a miracle baby".

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